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Twin Storm 800
Twin Storm 800 outdrive unitTwin Storm 800 heat sink

Twin Storm 800 readyset


The Twin Storm 800 model powerboat offers flat-out racing performance, in a simple and easy to use readyset package! The model comes with a ready installed awesome two x 7.2Volt water-cooled 550-class motors twin power unit! Please note this kit does not include the following – 8 x AA sized batteries, 2 x 7.2Volt 3000mAh batteries and a charger which are required for operation of the model.Two 7.2V batteries connect to produce a high-voltage 14.4V to power twin water-cooled 550-class motors that drive through a gear-reduction unit to a huge propeller for massive torque! You can feel the hull literally carve up the waters surface. Go from zero to full speed in a matter of seconds as the inherent stability of the deep-V hull slices through chop with ease. In addition, Kyoshos unique inboard/outdrive unit makes deep banking turns at full speed possible as well as a tight turning radius. A special motor control amp with water-cooled heat sink maximizes heat dissipation and promises stable high power over an extended period. Plus it comes completely factory-assembled and finished with decals and R/C system installed. And in response to requests from expert-level racers, this readyset package comes without batteries. Enjoy user-friendly boating with the excitement of breathtaking speed and performance.

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