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TurboCAD Conditions


We do not accept returns of opened or unopened software. The supplied CD is warranted against manufacturing defects. In the unlikely event of a proven manufacturing defect of the purchased software CD, the CD will be exchanged for a software CD of the same configuration. Please remember that all returns must be accompanied by the original invoice. Return freight will only be reimbursed if it is proven to be a manufacturing fault.


The Navtech Design Group will not make refunds, or accept responsibility for any of the following:

  1. Software CD physically damaged by any person/parties after opening software packaging.
  2. CAD products require skill to use and as such the Navtech Design Group Is not responsible for any kinds of losses caused by proper or improper use of the supplied software.
  3. Any kind of litigation against purchases/software of the software.


We offer free postage within Australia for all software CD purchases.


Due to the volatility of world markets and currency fluctuations the prices on our site can be subject to sudden change. The Navtech Design Group makes every attempt to keep prices competitive and stable, however in common with all other suppliers in our industry, we reserve the right to alter prices without prior notice. For the latest prices, please call us on 02 4855 1515 or email us at: info@navtech.net.au. All prices are per unit (unless otherwise stated).


Orders for software CDs for delivery in Australia are usually dispatched by regular post. We retain title in our goods, and will not ship same, until payment is made in full and funds are cleared.

Navtech Design Group is not responsible for damage caused to goods whilst in transit. Purchasers can organise their own insurance at their cost.


Navtech Design Group only sells within Australia. We are not able to process any order from overseas (i.e. outside Australia).