Marine Surveying

Navtech Design Group offers a high quality Marine Survey service that is not length limited. We are specialists in Superyacht Surveying which includes, but is not restricted to, vessels that are generally between 25 to 80 metres in length and can displace up to and over 500 tonnes. We are also available to survey small craft up to 24 metres LOA.

Our Superyacht Surveys are either of the Non Class survey or Class survey type.

Non Class surveys include:
1. Pre-delivery surveys,
2. Pre-purchase surveys,
3. Insurance surveys,
4. Damage surveys,
5. Breakdown/Damage machinery surveys,
5. Valuation surveys,
6. Safety surveys.
7. Flag state surveys.

Class surveys include:
1. Annual (AHS), Intermediate (IHS) and Special (SHS) Hull surveys,
2. Annual and Special Periodic Machinery surveys,
3. Breakdown/Damage Machinery surveys,
3. Hull Damage surveys,
4. Safety surveys.

Along with our own in depth technical knowledge, we have strong business relationships with a variety of external specialist consultants who can be called in to provide advice if required.